• Project budgeting is a discipline and a craft in it’s own right. Eff Factor’s important budgeting features include estimating, task wise cost breakdown,  forecasting, and actual cost variance comparison tools.


    • Project status tracking-EFF Factor provides real-time monitoring of project completion status allowing for better resource planning and communication with clients.


    • To monitor the time and task deadline- Eff Factor help to know the spent time spent for a particular assignment as well as the assignments to be completed within weeks’ time or which have missed the deadlines.


  • In case of retainer ships Eff factor will continuously provide data to guide the management to decide whether the assignment (consisting of several assignments in a given period) is profitable or not.It is also possible  to identify causes of lower profitability and take  corrective action (E.g. Internal inefficiency or gap between initial estimate actual work done).


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