EFF Factor’s KISS

EFF Factor’s KISS

Actually, we realized it much later!

EFF Factor has evolved over a period of last 4 years and has transformed itself into a extremely powerful management tool for improving the productivity of the firms.

EFF Factor presently caters to the firms engaged in service sector. In near future we hope to offer solutions for everyone, yes almost.

Evolution continues!
In this journey we realized, that the principle that we are following has a name.

Let’s take a case of pricing policy of the user firm, defining of which just happens in the process of implementation of EFF Factor.

In fact we don’t refer to the term “pricing policy” anywhere .

You just set a profit target, specify some parameters and your pricing policy is ready – in terms of billing rates or in terms of productivity factor and so many other relevant parameters which have a bearing on your productivity.

The billing rates will guide you throughout for achieving your profit target. Be it giving a quote for new assignment or for allocating team for the assignment or for monitoring the progress till completion.

And a single dashboard “Profitability Monitor” that helps you discover, modify your billing rates if necessary.

The monitor tracks everything to give you the real-time information of the firm’s profit with critical pointers of what is going right and what is going wrong with detailed analysis, in the most simplistic manner.

Budgeting or assigning people to projects, the most critical aspect in the project management, can be done almost automatically where over deployment of people is indicated by change of colors of the relevant field, from green to red. Manager need not know the cost of the resources to achieve the optimum utilization nor would he know what the budgeted profit would be, though he is actually finalizing that figure. Simple.

We call it automation of decision making.

The secret is the imaginative framework of EFF Factor. And the KISS.

Yes, we follow the KISS or “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, principle. (Cleverly – unknowingly, honestly)

Proof of the pudding is in eating it. Proof of the Eff factor’s KISS is in experiencing it.

EFF Factor team can always be there to guide you through the change.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Move to EFF Factor instantly.

Manage your firm like never before.



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