Profit or loss at 2:30 pm

Posted by Eff Team on  August 17, 2021
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Truly real-time with EFF Factor. Ascertaining profit of your firm can really be a complex and time-consuming exercise. Monthly or yearly profit is known only after a few months/ weeks after the end of the period. By then it is too late for any corrective action. Eff factor software shows profit of your firm on real-time basis i.e. at any time on any day. Unbelievable? Let’s see how EFF Factor manages to do this. In

F Taylor or EFF Factor

Posted by Eff Team on  June 23, 2021
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The “Time Studies” were introduced by F W Taylor and enhanced further by Gilbreths’ “Motion studies”, to the industrial world more than 100 years ago. The purpose of these “Time and motion studies” was to find the standard time to do a particular task. The studies led to removal of redundancies, reduction in the costs and improvement in the efficiency. These techniques suffered sharp criticism in those days. However, the approach is still relevant and


Posted by Eff Team on  June 15, 2021
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EFF Factor‘s approach is different when it comes to efficient management of the firms in the service sector and was explained in the previous article. EFF Factor allows the user firm to set it’s profit target and provide other components of basic data to generate a budget, which can provide not only a guide but also enormous information to monitor the performance of the whole firm. The components to create the budget provided by the


Posted by Eff Team on  June 8, 2021
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GIGO or Garbage In Garbage Out is a concept common to computer world which states that, quality of output is determined by quality of input. In other words input of nonsense data will produce nonsense information from the computer. EFF Factor software offers a new approach with a concept of WIWO or wisdom in wisdom out. Let’s see how it works! EFF Factor is a software, mainly for professionals or any firm engaged in rendering

Black holes and eclipses matter

Posted by Eff Team on  April 7, 2021
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Yes. Black holes and eclipses matter a lot for service sector firms when they are unable to find the reasons for low profit. And surprisingly this happens when the project wise profits are decent. A good project management software may not help you in tracking the profitability of the firm, because the problem may not be with project management but with non-management of non-project work. EFF Factor calls it eclipse of non-project work costs on
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