To run a good business, every company needs to have the best software and tools to back up its performance. There are some specific software and tools that are designed to reduce workload and improve work efficiency and performance. Software tools for chartered accountants are one of the many examples. It is helpful in multiple ways which makes it an absolute must-have for every company.  It helps to manage day-to-day financial, accounting and other services
CA Office Management Software is an efficient tool for running a good business. It helps to make the business more profitable, along with that it also optimizes the practice initiatives for the firms of all sizes. The CA software backs up the data and eliminates the need for creating multiple backups, restoration points and other manual work. The Chartered Accountant Software increases the efficiency of the company and it offers many other benefits as well.
With cloud services becoming more acceptable to the businesses, usage of the office automation software offered as the service (SaaS) is rising fast. There are some valuable tips for users of this type of software. It will save your time, make your system automated, and improve the management system with improving the transparency between all employees and management. Below are some of the tips for the success of your company with such Time Management software –
Tips for Job template creation (final)

Tips for fastest job templates creation

Posted by Efffactor on August 3, 2018

Category: Blogs
Service sector enterprises can be classified into: No record maintained of time spent on various assignments/ projects Some manual/spreadsheet record of time spent compiled periodically purely for billing Some project management software used which tracks time being spent on various assignments by various employees – mainly for payroll & billing purposes. When such entities move on to EFF Factor the main challenge is defining activities or tasks for different types of assignments/ projects or in other

Eff Factor smart practices (Part II)

Posted by Efffactor on August 3, 2018

Category: Blogs
EFF Factor smart practices – Part II This is a compilation of practices based on wisdom of experienced professionals / EFF Factor users from different fields. Use of estimate  Estimates should be used only when after conversion into project it is expected to be reused multiple times. Estimates may be used under following situations: If number of teams with specific employees as members are there to carry out a large number of standard job as


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