Each professional may have a unique type of practice or a mix of them requiring a flexible yet efficient management system do deal with every conceivable type of work. Eff factor is adaptable to a variety of situations and jobs. Eff factor helps efficient operations and achievement of desired profit and lets professionals concentrate on their work which requires a high level of intelligence and commitment.

How can Eff factor practice management work for you?


A simple document management system ensures easy access to documents to authorized persons from anywhere anytime. An extremely useful feature where voluminous documents related to several cases dating back to the number of years is required to be stored. Important conversations and notes / instructions can be preserved in “Notes” for each case.


Every adjournment in the court or any authority requires change in the timelines fixed earlier. Easy editing of timelines  makes work management so much easier.


When large number of seniors and juniors are out in the courts  and handling multiple cases, easy and timely time logs are crucial . Eff factor mobile app ensures that by sending notifications to comply.


Billing options like on “fixed date”, “ specified date”, “on completion” etc. ensures faster and accurate billing, improving the cash flows of the firm. Further, it allows billing based either on actual time spent or at the fixed contracted price.


Dashboard reports like “Analytics” and “profitability monitor” give easy to digest financial information for top management for tracking and controlling profit of individual project as well as the firm as a whole. Its importance is felt more, in matters, running over a period of time and retainer ships.


With processes becoming more time-bound, standardizing, and organizing work in a systematic manner has become extremely important. Eff factor’s customizable job templates and feature of assignments of people to different tasks, with a simplified system of determination of time to finish work, brings efficiency across the firm. No missed deadlines, no adjournments, no embarrassments

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