EFF Factor Training ProgramAction
Introduction (for every Employee)Download
Overview of Eff Factor (for every Employee)Download
Responsibilities of Admin Part-I Login-Master Creation (for Admin Only)Download
Responsibilities of Admin Part-II Bulk Import of Masters (for Admin Only)Download
Responsibilities of Admin Part-III Dashboard & Reports (for Admin Only)Download
Responsibilities of Department Admin Part-I Creation of Projects & Estimates (for Dept. Admin, Dept. Head & Admin)Download
Responsibilities of Department Admin Part-II Data Analysis & Monitoring of Projects (for Dept. Admin, Dept. Head & Admin)Download
Responsibilities of Department Head Review & Approval of Projects (for Dept. Head & Admin)Download
Daily Logs (for every Employee)Download

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Help Guide

frequently Asked Question

How does the free trial work?

Stage one
We will first help you chose appropriate version of Eff Factor and jointly decide the time table for implementing Eff Factor .
Stage two- Getting ready. (one week)
Within 24 hours ,you will be provided with the training material . Our team will provide necessary guidance ( free of cost -for limited period) to ensure that masters and other framework is put in place and you are ready to start use of Eff Factor.
Stage three- Doing it( two weeks)
Use of Eff Factor that is logging, and monitoring to start with guidance and support from Eff Factor team. During this period various controls and features especially the reports are explained and corrective action is suggested.
Stage four.
At the end of the offer period,let us talk. We will be happy to have you on board as Eff Factor subscriber.

Do we have to take backup of our data from time to time?

We have a system of taking backups of all the clients data which would be useful in case our server is affected in any manner.

You may take periodic backup of logs, projects etc. in excel at your end.

Which version would be appropriate for different users?

Those who are already using sometime time tracking/project management systems either through excel or otherwise would find Eff Factor Version 3 or 4 most appropriate.

For others, Version 1 or 2 would be more suitable. Ofcourse, no harm in starting with higher version in any case.

Will the data and reports be accessible to everyone?

Care has been taken to ensure access to sensitive data like costing, billing, profits is restricted to the top management with freedom to change access rights.

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