User friendly data capture.

1.   To give useful information on time, cost, billable amount and profit.
2.   Information available project wise, task wise.
3.   Wasteful, non-billable time also captured.
4.   Data can be fed 24×7 from anywhere in the world from any device.
5.   Points awarded for timely data entry   – can be linked to incentives.
6.   Security of data assured .
7.   Ease of editing / ease of uploading masters.(Available in higher versions)

Monitor projects

1. Fastest project creation with job templates/ estimates
2. Budgeting possible before or after commencement of work
3. Easy and powerful monitoring of timelines, cost and billable amount with reference to budget ( if any) with zooming feature for minute monitoring
4. Focus on profit and efficiency
5. Team members estimates to complete the tasks also used for control

Reports/ Graphs

1.Different reports -from lowest level employee to the top Management.
2.Sensitive cost/ revenue/ profit data available only to the top management.
3.Reports updated on realtime basis.
4.Employee wise / project wise efficiency and profitably reports available.
5.Export reports to excel to analyse further.
6.View /edit from anywhere 24×7 from any device.

Special feature of advance versions

1.Powerful analytical reports to ensure efficiency and improved profitability
2.Virtual daily profitability tracking.
3.Facilitates reconciliation of profits as per books and EFF Factor with reasons.
4.Powerful billing feature creates bills automatically on completion of project or as when as per instructions.

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