Eff factor is ideal to capture the cost (of sales & pre-sales people) involved in securing the contract, especially in the case of large contracts.

After commencement of actual development of the software, significant changes that may have occurred in availability of staff and their costs becomes a challenge.

And Eff Factor will be the right solution with its flexible budgeting feature and reporting of cost & billable amount on on-going basis. Feature of easy to add task makes it more relevant to IT field where scope of the work may change frequently over a period of time.

Eff factor is ideal for-

  •         Determining product development cost (with estimate of revenue(or billable amount) that it should fetch)
  •         AMC contracts where price is fixed in advance.
  •         Man and material contract by treating machine etc. as a resource like other employees.
  •         Changes in cost & billing rates from with desk to without desk and vice-a-versa.

(Please refer to Ideal Solution for other professionals/businesses also)

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