Master the art of blending – with EFF Factor

Master the art of blending – with EFF Factor

Blended whiskies were considered as inferior product compared to the single malt. But the best voted whiskies like Hibiki, Taketsuru, are blended whiskies and are proving the notion that “single malts are the best” to be no longer true.

Chivas Regal came out with the event last year called “The blend” to educate the whisky lovers the art of blending their own whiskies. At the event Chivas team supplied the guests, with 5 small bottles fruity, smoky, creamy, citrus and floral. A complicated process of blending suddenly became simplified.

Advice given to the guests

“Taste everything beforehand, and visualize what you want to achieve.“

EFF Factor also allows you to develop your skills of blending in a different area altogether.

When professionals or firms in service sector are assigning people to projects, the options to choose from large pool of Human Resources are many and task of assigning – blending – becomes challenging. The reason, the firm has to ensure fine balance between satisfaction of the client with the finest blend of people and also achieve satisfactory profit.

“Balance is what makes a blend great”

Eff factor simplifies this process with technique of “Management By Billing rates”

The whole framework of Eff factor is designed in such a way that the most important aspect of assigning people with different skills, experience and traits with differences in the costs, to different jobs, is simplified with smart billing rates.

Eff factor enhances the value of judgement of the manager, by use of billing rates which leads to the assignment of the right people for the right period with firm’s objective of profit taken care of automatically.

This profit objective would then be monitored effortlessly by Eff factor, to ensure that the final outcome does not very too much from the original objective.

Billing rates are also determined or confirmed by Eff factor to be such, as would capture, what the firms want to achieve- i.e. Satisfactory profit.

Follow the advice of master blender

Use a tiered system of barrels where young wine is blended into older wine to allow them to mingle and age together.

You would love this blending technique immensely , because of it’s pleasant aroma.

Smell of money.

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