Accountants & Auditors

As the costing and billing rates are expected to be fixed for each individual, the financial data of cost etc. is very precise and gives a better control on profitability.


Series of hearings in different cases, require proper planning and co-ordination, which can be handled by Eff factor by editing of the deadlines as when new dates get fixed.


Eff Factor Project visually looks similar to audit programs which also includes list of tasks and allocated time. However, Eff factor project includes instructions for performance of task and displays percentage of completion based on team members time estimates.


In fact, duly completed projects in Eff Factor can be used as an evidence in defence in case a charge of negligence is brought against you.


Eff Factor’s unique feature is to use team members’ estimates for predicting cost over-runs savings and impact on the revenue too.


(Please refer to Ideal Solution for other professionals/businesses also)

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