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USP 1  : Easy, flexible project/activity time-tracking leading to cost-control 

Most popular methods (or mix of them) of billing (which influences project management framework) used by different services are as follows-

1.Price fixed in advance                                          
Most common and mainly used by (Accountants, lawyers, Architects, interior designers, IT companies, Engineers, consultants and others)

2.Price fixed as a percentage of value of underlying work or project.        
Mainly used by Engineers, architects, interior designers, some consultants

3.Actual time spent at prefixed billing rates (negotiated or fixed by service provider).
Mainly used by bigger firms of Accountants, Lawyers, consultants

In the first two methods, revenue or price is fixed or controlled by external factors whereas challenge before you is to control cost. In the third method, challenge before you is keeping proper track of time and fixing the correct billing rates.

EFF Factor is useful for management of all kinds of projects where any of the above methods are used.

You have to simply ensure reporting of time spent by all your employees, managers, partners, CEOs and so on- an extremely user friendly process. Eff factor will do the rest!
You may make the transition from present status to most efficient and most profitable entity, over a period at your pace. (Eff factor believes in giving more importance to happiness, of all stakeholders,  along with the profitability.)

Ease of Use and disciplined customization is the key differentiator of Eff-factor.

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