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USP 2 : Budgeting and profit monitoring

Eff factor offers a unique budgeting feature which is flexible as well as efficient. It is ideal where assignments/projects are required to be executed at fixed price or price is based on percentage of contract value for control over profitability of such projects. If the contract is based on actual time spent, Eff Factor would be a must and billing feature options makes it irresistible.

Eff Factor captures time data input and converts it simultaneously in to cost & billable amount, thus focussing on profitability.

Eff Factor helps creation of New Projects based on existing job templates or estimates in no time.


You can create budget before or after commencement of the work and also modify the same based on the situation. Approval of budget can also happen before or after commencement of the work.

You are also free not to have a budget if situation warrants it.


With standard billing rates, budgeting feature enables optimum allocation of different people.

By keeping a buffer between budgeted billable amount and contract price you can ensure “above normal profits” too for the projects. Of course regular monitoring would be essential & Eff Factor help you with that in a most efficient manner.

Eff factor is a project management software that manages and helps improve your profits, which in fact is its most important USP

Eff factor understands sensitivity of financial data and allows access to this financial data only to top management.

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