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USP 3 : Powerful dashboards and reports

EFF factor captures input of time spent by employees, managers, CEOs, partners etc. along with following optional fields-

  1.       Brief report of work done
  2.       Whether instructions followed
  3.       Expenses on the job
  4.       Estimate of the completion of the job

And in return offers number of reports or graphs for timely decisions eg:

  •  Timelines control -Upcoming projects, Projects near deadlines/missed deadlines
  •  profitability graphs
  •  cost/ billing / time overruns or savings (on real-time basis)
  •  Project wise profitability
  •  Defaulters-Who did not log (specified minimum log time) in time
  •  Status of completion of all on-going projects
  •  Projects in cold storage
  •  WIP (to ensure your profitability estimates are reliable)
  •  Reports are available at project level for middle level management
  •  Reports are available for administration like basic data for payroll, project wise expense analysis

The best part of the Eff Factor plus is

  •  Analytical report converting important financial data into easy to understand performance indicators
  •  With benchmarks setting in your hands
  •  And many more

Facility to export important data in excel allows you a freedom to generate more reports to suit your specific requirement.

It takes only few minutes for each level of management (including the lowest level of employee) to find one what is right or wrong and initiate corrective measures immediately.

In other words, EFF-Factor provides Wisdom ahead of time


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