Posted by Eff Team on  June 8, 2021
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GIGO or Garbage In Garbage Out is a concept common to computer world which states that, quality of output is determined by quality of input. In other words input of nonsense data will produce nonsense information from the computer. EFF Factor software offers a new approach with a concept of WIWO or wisdom in wisdom out. Let’s see how it works! EFF Factor is a software, mainly for professionals or any firm engaged in rendering

Black holes and eclipses matter

Posted by Eff Team on  April 7, 2021
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Yes. Black holes and eclipses matter a lot for service sector firms when they are unable to find the reasons for low profit. And surprisingly this happens when the project wise profits are decent. A good project management software may not help you in tracking the profitability of the firm, because the problem may not be with project management but with non-management of non-project work. EFF Factor calls it eclipse of non-project work costs on

The mum effect and EFF Factor Gambit

Posted by Eff Team on  March 23, 2021
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The mum effect (an individual’s reluctance to report the exact position of failing software projects) is a major reason for the failure of IT projects, claims one research paper. The reluctance to report, is not only restricted to reporting of deviations like in the above case, but in fact there is a general reluctance, in the service sector to report what they (employees, partners, directors) do on each day. The timesheet reporting as it is

Are you driving your firm at the right speed?

Posted by Eff Team on  February 16, 2021
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If you wish to go from Mumbai to Bangalore by a car and you wish to reach there in 24 hours, what all calculations you need to make? Just find the distance between the two places – which is say 1000 Kms and divide it by time available which is 24 hours. So, answer is approximately 42 kms per hour. So, if you go by 60 kms per hour you would easily be able to

Opportunity cost of Misinterpretation

Posted by Eff Team on  February 9, 2021
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A man buys 50 apples for Rs. 10 each and plans to sell them at Rs.15 per apple. He sells 40 apples at Rs. 15 each in the morning. In the afternoon, his regular customer comes, who is willing to buy all the remaining 10 apples from him, at Rs. 15 each. At the time of delivery, the seller discovers that 1 apple is rotten and not fit for consumption. Now he has two options
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