Eff Factor smart practices (Part I)

Eff Factor smart practices (Part I)

EFF Factor smart practices – Part I

This is a compilation of practices based on wisdom of experienced professionals / EFF Factor users from different fields.

CTC of every user –

No adjustment may be made for anticipated wastage of time, for calculation of CTC. This will ensure availability of realistic cost data on “idle time “and “office time”.

Billing rates of every user- 

Adjustment may be made for anticipated wastage of time for arriving at appropriate billing rates. This will ensure achievement of profit objective easier.

Job templates 

No. of tasks may be decided taking into any or all of the following factors

  1. Duration Shorter duration less tasks
  2. Division of work-One task each for different level of employee (based on CTC/ billing rate where differences between them are significant. Needless to say Skill and experience will be the main factor)
  3. Type of work -Review, preparatory / planning, possible wasteful activity (like debugging, design changes etc.) must get covered in separate tasks, in appropriate cases
  4. Traveling time-if significant time is being spent on traveling by project team on the project and is considered chargeable, separate task for the same may considered.
  5. Ease of identification/ distinguishable-if splitting of activity into more tasks is likely to lead to hesitation (which task to select) at the time of logging it may be appropriate to merge them with distinct name.

(Note: Please also see Tips for fastest Job Templates creation)

Assignment of people

  1. Assignment of specific person should be done as far as possible in all the projects. This rule may be followed definitely, if the project has anyone or more features given below significant value, Retainership, Work of Special/ New /dissatisfied customer, unique work
  2. Assignment of representative / dummy employees may be made under following situations large number of standard jobs where assignments are made at short notice and specific person may not be crucial for carrying out the work.

(It must be remembered that specific person’s assignment to projects leads to – precise performance measurement of the person, precise reporting of the variances, shorter time for logging, better control of assignments to the tasks.

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