Eff Factor smart practices (Part II)

Eff Factor smart practices (Part II)

EFF Factor smart practices – Part II

This is a compilation of practices based on wisdom of experienced professionals / EFF Factor users from different fields.

Use of estimate 

Estimates should be used only when after conversion into project it is expected to be reused multiple times. Estimates may be used under following situations:

  1. If number of teams with specific employees as members are there to carry out a large number of standard job as and when available, then such team members may be assigned under a separate estimate for each team.
  2. If specific employees cannot be identified in advance, then representative employees can be used for creating estimates, which can be used for standard jobs which can be handled by any one from the designation category.
  3. In case of periodically recurring jobs , specific assignments could be made and reused next time by substituting assignments of one or more persons depending on availability etc.

Details field in quick log etc.

Useful information about the task performed is to be given in this field

Following rules may be followed:

  1. It should not cover the task name.
  2. It should be minimum and relevant for reader to assess the quantum and quality of the work done. If it is not , it may be left blank
  3. For short duration jobs/ tasks it may be left blank.
  4. In following case it must be completed with reasons/ justification
  5. Instructions not followed b.idle time. c. Office time


The designation classification may be made in line with existing designation structure within the organization. If a wide variation is observed in CTC/ billing rates for any designation category, then the designation can be divided into further subclasses to ensure reasonable similarity within the psych sub-class.

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