Tips for fastest job templates creation

Tips for fastest job templates creation

Service sector enterprises can be classified into:

  1. No record maintained of time spent on various assignments/ projects
  2. Some manual/spreadsheet record of time spent compiled periodically purely for billing
  3. Some project management software used which tracks time being spent on various assignments by various employees – mainly for payroll & billing purposes.

When such entities move on to EFF Factor the main challenge is defining activities or tasks for different types of assignments/ projects or in other words creating Job templates.

The easiest and fastest way to deal with the challenge is to create a standard template which can be used for all kinds of jobs as follows

Job name– “_____”

Task1 – Planning

Task2- Execution of work

Task3- Review


  1. For standard or small jobs not requiring any planning, task of planning can be deleted.
  2. You may add the manner of work execution in the field “instructions” according to the nature of job.
  3. If you wish to track time spent in securing the work etc. you may create the first task as “Client acquisition.”
  4. If you are using billing module then you may add the last task as “Job complete – confirmation “(also see tips for assignment for this task)

As you grow familiar with the software you may start defining the tasks in more elaborate manner, mainly splitting the task “execution of work”. Eff factor offers feature of easy editing of templates and thus moving on to better tasks defining for job templates will prove effortless.

In any case for such transition you may consider “EFF Factor smart practices- Part I & II”.

These tips are general guidelines & may be used with such modifications as may be considered necessary.

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