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Piiritu Innovations P. Ltd. is a start-up owned and managed by experienced finance experts. The mission of our company is to bring efficiency in every business or activity whether commercial or social. We have developed EFF Factor for service sector whereas for social sector, Social networking platform Kindhearted is being launched.

EFF Factor is a project and time management software with focus on optimizing client’s productivity and profitability.
EFF Factor is a software for every office of professionals engaged in rendering services like Chartered accountants, Lawyers, Company secretaries, Consultants from any field and even those engaged in IT business.
EFF Factor ‘s framework allows monitoring and control of cost, revenue and profitability as well as deadlines of every project or assignment undertaken by the firm.
The software simultaneously keeps tabs on overall performance of the whole organization with person-wise, business segment-wise performance analysis , wastefulness in every area to ensure management ‘s action in time.
Employees’ involvement in reporting “work done” and “remaining time to complete”
offers early signals of possible cost over runs / savings for projects in progress – we call this Wisdom ahead of time- taking management decision making to the next level of efficiency.
Eff factor’s unique approach to budgeting, with focus on revenue and availability of right information to right people on real time Basis , ensures greater work efficiency and makes the software ideal office automation solution.

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Easy, flexible project and activity time-tracking tool leading to cost-control


Budgeting and Profit monitoring


Powerful dashboards and reports 


Accountants & Auditors




Architects & Interior Designers


IT Companies






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